Your choice is our focus.

The focus of First Choice Pharmacy is a personalized approach to our patient's recovery from injury.

Our mission is to help to heal. Whether your desire is to return to work or need support to minimize the negative effects of chronic pain, our focus is you. Our pharmacists specialize in pain management to support your recovery to heal and restore your lifestyle.

Covid Response:

We are open for walk-in or curb-side service. Our pharmacy team is committed to do all we can for our patients and their families. We are taking extra precautions to keep our family, and yours, safe.

  • All employees wear masks
  • We perform increased cleaning and disinfecting processes 
  • Prescription walk-in, curb-side, and delivery service available

“Very nice store and friendly staff. They helped me in my time of need after my injury to get my prescriptions delivered timely.”

– Bryan C., Phoenix, AZ

Why us?

New Patients Welcome

Contact the pharmacy today to enroll. We offer shipping or delivery of your medications quickly without the delays and upfront costs you may experience at a local, big-box pharmacy.

Experienced Staff

Friendly staff committed to advocate and support your recovery from injury and restore your lifestyle.


Medications delivered to your vehicle curbside or directly to your home at no cost to you.


Our experienced, pain management pharmacists are available to educate on the safe use of opioids, risks associated with accidental overdose, and naloxone counseling.


+ FIRST CHOICE is committed to the safe prescribing of opioids. Our pharmacists and technicians have received additional training and education in the risks associated with opioid misuse, opioid overdose, naloxone counseling, and support services in our community for individuals concerned about opioid use disorder.

+ FIRST CHOICE is committed to advocate for the FDA’s Remove the Risk campaign to raise awareness of the serious dangers of keeping unused opioid pain medicines in the home and offers safe disposal options. Keeping unused opioids in the home creates a serious health risk, especially if teens or children live with or visit you. #RemoveOpioidRisk

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